About Us

AMY  and JESSICA both share a passion to bless you and your family with music and sculpture. We also desire to educate others about how art and music impact our lives through the world around us. We want to bring what we have learned and experienced to our community through our studio.

With the support of our amazing husbands we began EverLove Studios with the dream of expressing our passions through music and art. Amy has has taught kids in different capacities throughout the years and Jessica has a Degree and experience in sculpture.

​Tim, Amy, Aaron, and Jessica welcome you to join them in the world of Art and Music.

Here at EverLove Studios, it is our mission to bless families in and around our community with the gifts and talents God has given each of us. Family is very important to us and we understand how precious each moment is. We have seen tears in a mother's eyes when she saw her special needs child learn piano for the first time. We've been able to walk with several of our mothers through their  journey from pregnancy to their newborn through Baby Bump and Baby Hand and Foot Casting. We've seen how music lessons have brought a father and son closer together through encouragement and support. 

We have something for everyone through Hand Casts, Baby Bump Casts, and Music Lessons.

What You Will Receive From Our Family Casting: 

  • a unique sculpture to take home 
  • a keepsake 
  • your baby's hands and feet
  • capture your pregnancy
  • your spouse and children's hands
  • capture 3 or more generations of hands

What You Will Receive From Our  Music Program for children:

  • music from folk songs children have come to love.
  • different composers of music
  • rhythm and tonal patterns
  • the beat of a song using different instruments such as drums, the glockenspiel, resonator bars, rhythm sticks, rattles and so much more
  • singing and movement activities
  • learning through educational games
  • features an aural approach to music learning
  • provides a natural pathway to reading music while building a much-loved piano repertoire in our piano classes
  • nurturing bond between parent and child in our baby classes

In Our Piano Lessons for Adults and Teens:

  • we teach a curriculum where anyone and everyone can enjoy making music in a meaningful way.
  • you will be playing in a relaxed environment with familiar music as well as learning to read unfamiliar music in a proven and effective manner. 

In Our Guitar Lessons for Children:

  • we teach from an easy curriculum that will give your child skills through note and chord playing. This program is a complete program that they can learn from the age of 8.
  • build and reinforce strumming patterns as they will learn all about music.
  • they will build their own playing style and be able to play many songs with just a few chords.


wMeet the Artists

Jessica Vail

Jessica Vail

Jessica Vail



Jessica would love to share her passion of Art and Casting with you! She would like to share her skills in casting with you through Baby Bump and  Hand Casting.

Amy Lane

Jessica Vail

Jessica Vail



Amy Loves music! Join Amy in her fun and educational Music Classes for Families and Private Piano and Guitar Lessons. Bring your passion of Music with you!