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Baby Hand and Foot Casts



Keepsakes and Gifts

Keepsakes and Gifts

Cast your baby's hands and feet (under 6 months old).

A half hour session.


Keepsakes and Gifts

Keepsakes and Gifts

Keepsakes and Gifts

Great for Keepsakes and Gifts for Grandparents, Parents, etc...



Keepsakes and Gifts


Choose either silver, gold, or bronze color for your cast.

Choose from one of the Bases below OR hang your cast on the wall OR hang in a shadow box (not provided).

Base Options for Baby Hand and Foot Casts


How is a baby hand and foot Cast made?


Cast your Baby's Hand and Foot

Children are precious and are a blessing. We want to help you capture these moments before they flee. We know how fast these years go so get your baby's plaster casts now. We offer baby hand and foot casts from newborns up to 6 months old.


We know how important it is to keep you and your family safe and we keep that into full consideration. We have done much research to get you materials that are non-allergenic andnon-toxic and are safe for babies, children, and adults.

What is a Hand and Foot Cast?

It is a FUN and EASY way to get a three dimensional copy of one hand and one foot while your baby is still so young. It shows each line and detail.

What Materials Do We Use?

We use a material called Alginate. What is Alginate? It is a safe non-toxic and non-hypoallergenic material that is squishy and usually turns pink when it sets. Alginate is made from seaweed stems as well as other ingredients found in England’s white cliffs in Dover. 

How Do We Make a Mold?

It’s simple! The best time to take a mold is when the baby is asleep. If you are worried that we won't be able to do while they are asleep that's ok because we can still do it when they are wide awake. This particular Alginate sets so fast that even if baby is moving a lot it will still form around their little hand and foot and the details will still all be there. After we mix the Alginate with the right amount and temperature of water we place one hand in a small baggie with the Alginate. Baby will most likely cry if they are awake during this process because they don't know what's happening and they don't understand. That's why we have mom hold and comfort them. During this time, the squishy white material begins to turn into a soft rubber like substance forming all around their hand picking up every detail and line. After a few minutes we will gently pull their hand out. If all is well we will repeat these steps with one of their feet. This takes about a half an hour. 

How to Cast Their Hand and Foot

I then pour Liquistone into the mold. This is like plaster but a little stronger. Once that is set, I remove all the Alginate off and end up with a three dimensional copy of your baby's hand and foot

Baby Feet Casting

What Happens Then?

I fix up your casts. I fill holes and voids and make it look nice. I then let it set for 4 weeks or so to let it dry. It has to be completely dry for the paint to stick to the Liquistone. Make sure you order your hand cast in plenty of time of your event or holiday.  

Painting and Final Touches

After your casts are completely dry, I will paint them with one base color of your choice. You can choose between Bronze, Silver, and Gold. I then paint them with a darker acrylic color just to make all the details stand out. You can choose to display your baby's hand and foot on a base or hang them on the wall or in a Shadow Box (not provided). I will either provide and display your casts on the base of your choice or prepare your casts for hanging.

What is the Purpose of a Baby Hand and Foot Cast?

You may be wondering, why should I get a Baby Hand and Foot Cast? My friends and cousins have had kids and I have seen how they grow so fast. Especially for babies, they grow too quickly and it is the only time you will have the chance to see them this little. What better way to celebrate this season in you and your baby's life than with a Baby Hand and Foot Cast.

My Sculpture Professor and his wife had their first baby, my professor made a cast of their son's hand. He's done that every year and will probably continue to do that until he is a lot older. What a wonderful way to celebrate those years and see how they have grown. To take a hand cast of you kids from the time they are born until they are 18 years old. 

I am a very sentimental person so to have a hand cast of my husband and I in our first year of marriage, or to have a Three Generational Hand Cast of my mom, me, and my grandma, who is almost ninety and probably won't be with us much longer, is very special to me. One day, I hope to make a Baby Bump Cast of my belly when I am expecting and my Baby's Hand and Foot after they are born. I cherish those moments because I know how fast the years go. Whether you are sentimental or not they are wonderful keepsakes for yourself or as a gift for a grandparent or a spouse. 

Gifts and Holidays

Do you know that one person who is absolutely impossible to buy gifts for? You try and you try every year hoping that maybe they will like just this one gift but every year they either have a complaint about it or they end up returning it? Nod your head and say, "Yes, I Do!" if you can instantly name off that one person in your family who is the HARDEST to buy Christmas and Birthdays gifts for. 

Baby Hand and Foot Casts are wonderful for Grandparents and Parents because kids and grandkids are so important to them. Mom and Dad will love a Family Hand Cast, Kid's Hand Cast, or a Baby Hand and Foot Cast because they can keep their family close to them. 

Gift Certificates

Maybe, you aren't able to get that hand cast for that special person right away because they live in another state or the timing just isn't right. No worries, we've got you covered with Gift Certificates. Tell us what cast you would like and pay for the cost of the cast right then and there. We will give you the gift certificate with that amount. You can then give it to that person as a gift and we will set an appointment for them at their most convenient time to take a mold of their hand. We will discuss matters of shipment with you at the time of purchasing the certificate.

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What is Casting?

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Baby Hand and Foot Cast

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Includes 1 baby hand and 1 baby foot.

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About Me

Jessica Vail

My name is Jessica Vail. I am a wife, a daughter, and an artist. I have had a passion for art when I was very young and I have been able to learn and develop my skills in art, specifically in sculpture. 

I went to college at Colorado Mesa University for five years. There I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Studio Arts - Sculpture. I learned so much about metal casting and had the privilege of making so many of my own sculptures out of bronze, steel, aluminum, iron, copper, etc… There I learned all about alginate. This is the same material I use for all my hand castings. I made a few sculptures of my own hands out of plaster and iron.

After I graduated, I learned even more skills in casting when I worked for a company that casted dinosaur bones. I learned so much about dinosaurs and casting, as well as painting on resin, that I was able to take those techniques and apply them to hand casting. 

One day, I went to my mom, Amy, who has always wanted to have her own music studio, and I said, “hey, we should go into business together.” She thought and prayed about it and here we are. I have had the privilege of casting other people hands for about a year now and the best part is seeing their faces light up when they receive their own cast. Bringing joy to others and being able to paint and sculpt brings joy to me.


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