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Sibling Music Lessons

Have you considered playing piano or guitar and would like to learn right along with your child, spouse, sibling or friend? Then register for these family fun music lessons. It doesn't matter if you have some knowledge in music or not. It's always good to start from the beginning and become more and more proficient in music! If this interests you, register today for one of the following. We will begin these programs in the fall. Our studio is located in Grand Junction. 


Lessons are 45 minutes long - Tuition + Books along with FREE teaching activity sheets and supplements - $25.60 a lesson. That's only $12.80 per person. That is a 20% discount off of my regular lesson prices.


Payments at our studio can be paid in weekly payments or in full with Cash, Check, Credit or Debit Card. Make checks payable to EverLove Studios.  

Fall Special - Just for trying out this program, you get the first lesson for FREE!! Good now through the end of Special.

What you will receive when you come to your lessons:

  • Student Book
  • FREE sheet music and Supplemental Pieces
  • FREE Chord Handouts for guitar students



**Initially lessons start on the first week of September but August is an open month so you can choose to start your lessons in August.

Register by clicking on the Register button under the appropriate book below.  

You may also register over the phone by calling 970-245-2748 or if you have any questions. 

Go to our Lesson Schedule for dates to choose from.  

NOTE: If you are not sure about the day and time right now, just write TBA on the day and time line on registration form. You are not required to pay until the 1st day of your lesson.






Family Piano and Guitar Lessons include the following:

Family Music Lessons

Parent and Child Piano or Guitar Lessons

Want to do something special with your child and grow together in your musical talents. Take music lessons as a family. If this is what you have been looking for, then you have come to the right place.  

Price is $25.60 per lesson, only $12.80 per person.

Piano or Guitar Lessons With Your Sibling

Want to have fun with your sibling or get your kids together and learn, then this is the right choice. 

Price is $25.60 per lesson, only $12.80 per person.

Husband and Wife Piano or Guitar Lessons

Want to get away from the kids for awhile? Would you like to have a fun night or afternoon out to learn something new together? Take music lessons together as a couple. If this sounds interesting, then this is for you!

Price is $25.60 per lesson, only $12.80 per person.

Piano or Guitar Lessons With A Friend

Do you or your child have a passion to learn music but would feel more comfortable learning with a friend? This is a great way to learn something new as friends. Then this is the way to go!

Price is $25.60 per lesson, only $12.80 per person.



Creating Family Togetherness

 These things will create learning and family togetherness In Various Ways:

  1. It will help to create a better practice time for both students.
  2. It will help to create a little bit of competition, which is not a bad thing.
  3. It will help to create a much better understanding of music so that you can help one another grow in music.
  4. It will help to create laughter and enjoyment among family or friends.
  5. It will help you and your baby bond and grow in music in the baby class.
  6. It will promote togetherness time away from the kids for husband and wife.
  7. It will help to relieve anxiety when having to perform in front of others.
  8. Most of all, It will help to create amazing memories!



Baby Music Classes


Music Classes for You and Your Baby

Have you ever thought about your baby learning music? Music is one of the best ways for babies to explore the world around them. Take a class for fun and watch your baby light up through fun songs and dancing. We are located in Grand Junction.  Learn More...