My name is Amy Lane. I am very passionate about music and kids. Growing up I was always surrounded by music. Sitting around the fire, my family would break out in musical jam sessions while singing to the guitar and banjo. This is where I learned how to sing in harmony with the others. In elementary and junior high, I took piano and guitar lessons. In my guitar classes, we did competitions and performances. In high school I sang in our church choir. As a group, we would travel to different churches once a year putting on musical productions which included choreography. This is where I really became passionate for music.

As I got older I began working with kids on a regular basis in different capacities of teaching and over the years I have had many opportunities to pick up my guitar and lead kids in singing and musical productions for our church and through Child Evangelism Fellowship. I became the music leader for our youth group and I led kids in singing solo's, duets, trios and as a group. I also gave private guitar lessons.

Teaching kids is one of my passions and I have had various teaching experiences including homeschooling our daughter, teaching an advanced math curriculum for a private preschool, being a missionary teacher for CEF and teaching kids and our community how to raise, show and sell poultry in 4-H as well as being a 4-H Cloverbud (ages 5-7) judge.

I have recently studied music on a deeper level and became licensed and certified as a music and piano teacher through Musikgarten and Vibrant Music Teaching. I am also furthering my guitar education by taking online classes.

A little bit about my teaching techniques: I am a very thorough teacher. My best teachers in life were the ones that spent extra time with me so that I could enjoy what I was learning and get the most out of it.

I am very passionate about making sure that when I teach music, my students will have a greater understanding of what they are learning. For example, in my 1st guitar lesson, I take the time to go through the guitar parts, how to hold the guitar, how to strum and pick, fingering and how to tune the guitar. It's a lot to learn in the first lesson, but it's the beginning of giving my students a great foundation that will last the rest of their guitar career and will make it easier for them to read the music and understand what it is saying. These are the things that we will work on continuously throughout my student's guitar experience here in our studio. I take the extra time in each lesson to make sure they feel confident with the instrument in which they are learning to play along with learning all of the musical language that is part of music. I also teach music history through different composers so the kids can be well-rounded in music. My goal is to help my students to meet their goals and become comfortable at playing and singing. Music is beautiful, so why not learn all you can so that you can enjoy what God has given us!  You can also learn even more musical insights through my blog.

Babies - Come take my classes to learn how to develop your baby's growth through music. 

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Children - Take advantage of the ​piano lessons or guitar lessons I offer for kids of all ages. 

In piano:

Ages:3-5 - I offer my "Mini Musicians" program which gives small children a great start in learning piano through piano integration, movement, auraI hearing, instruments and games. 

Ages 5-6 - I offer my "Wunderkeys" program to help Preschoolers gain all the basic fundamentals of piano playing using beat and rhythm exercises, games, supplemental pieces, and instruments.

Ages 8-11 - I use "Faber Music" program along with aural learning, movement, scales, instruments, games and other supplemental reinforcement pieces to give your child a well rounded experience.

In guitar:

Ages 8 and up: I use Hal Leonard's curriculum and my own guitar program along with other supplemental reinforcement pieces to give your child a great guitar experience. 

I also use other instruments, like the drums, metronome, the glockenspiel and resonator bars for beat and rhythm. 

I am a firm believer that parents need to be involved in their children's education so they are free to learn right along with their child. 

Or perhaps you are an adult and would like to nurture your musical desire through my beginner and intermediate piano or guitar lessons. You will receive a lot of supplemental pieces as well as Faber music's great piano curriculum.

Or maybe you would like to learn as a family. Check out our NEW FAMILY PAGE, where you can learn piano or guitar as parent and child together or siblings together or how husband and wife together. You can even learn with a friend for extra fun. Learn More....

Whatever you desire, I hope to fill you and your children with the enrichment of music as we embark on developing social, emotional, intellectual and physical development through singing, guitar, piano and other instruments. I hope to give you a fun experience in music that will last a lifetime.
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My Curriculum


  • Why I Chose Wunderkeys,  Mini Musicians and Faber Music to Teach Children Piano? 

  These curriculums offer the latest research in early childhood and music education as they help your child to develop a repertoire of tonal and rhythm patterns necessary for reading and writing music. They build a strong foundation for your child's future in all areas of education and will help them to develop aural senses more than other piano methods.

  With my adult piano lessons through the Faber Curriculum, I hope to offer you an exciting and enjoyable time while making music in a meaningful way. I want to provide a stress-free method of learning piano. This program offers many benefits of learning music through folksongs with others or one-on-one. Scientific studies have established the connection between active music-making and improved physical wellness. 


  • Why I Chose Guitar For Kids Curriculum from Hal Leonard and My Own Curriculum?

With private one-on-one guitar lessons for kids, I chose a curriculum that is quite suitable for children ages 8 and up. This curriculum is a one-of-a-kind program that helps children to understand music and develop musical talents on the guitar through note and chord playing. It's simple and easy to understand and will have your child playing like a star in no time. They will light up as they play fun and familiar songs through the supplemental pieces I have chosen! Once your child gets through the books I have to offer for guitar, they are always welcome to continue on with me through the rest of their school years learning the guitar through more advanced techniques building their scales, picking and chord techniques.

  I do teach adults beginning and intermediate guitar. I use numerous teaching tools to build skills to become proficient in playing the guitar. If you are interested in learning the guitar, please give me a call and we'll set that up.

Baby Music

  • Why I Chose the Musikgarten Program for Baby Music Classes?

The Family Music for Babies classes are designed to connect parent/caregivers with their babies through singing our favorite nursery rhymes, movement and playing instruments. This will increase your babies curiosity about music, develop listening skills and establish a foundation for singing. This is done through group classes to foster and nurture social skills for your baby.

In Conclusion

 Here at EverLove Studios, we seek to foster cognitive, motor, social, emotional and language skills, along with the child's musical development. We provide a supportive environment that is loving, non-judgmental and non-competitive, helping children to grow at their level of music aptitude. We use instruments that are specially designed to be safe and developmentally appropriate, and are made of natural materials. Please feel free to read any of the testimonials throughout this website.